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“I try to leave a note when people do a great job. I try to let them know because it…
October 18, 2023

“I try to leave a note when people do a great job. I try to let them know because it feels good to hear that you’re doing your job the right way.”

Just want to say thank you for an awesome experience today! Your staff, from walking in the door — x-ray, exam, — were exceptional. Happy, friendly, efficient. Made me feel like a valued customer. And the healthcare is second to none.

Congrats, Dale.

letter from Dale

This is the handwritten note that was sent to UBMD’s Dr. Leslie Bisson by Dale Lesinski, a longtime patient. Says Dale, “He had done procedures on both of my shoulders and then he’s looked at my knee as well and I was back because that knee problem is kind of recurring.” Dale explains that his association with the staff at UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine goes back “at least 20 years.”

When asked what made him choose UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine in the first place, he admits that he really doesn’t recall . . . “I don’t even know if it was UBMD at the time. I just know that Dr. Marzo was there.” (Dr. John Marzo has since retired but remains with UBMD, performing research.) Says Dale, “It’s been Marzo and Bisson. They had the best and stellar reputations. I’m sure that had a lot to do with why I selected them.”

Dale goes on to describe how the previous procedures he’d gone through over the years were nothing short of “great.”

On his latest visit, he tells us that he was following up on a previous injury that was recently exacerbated, that he was taken care of right away, now knows exactly what the issue is and has a rational plan to treat it. “There’s no more wondering what it is or people taking guesses. I really appreciated it. And now I have a good game plan to get physically healthier.”

Dale says that he has a meniscus issue but it’s not near the point where he needs surgery, so it can be treated with therapy.

This most recent visit took place at UBMD Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine’s new 716 Health facility, located on Maplemere Road in Williamsville. Situated on a 15-acre site, adjacent to the Northtown Center ice rink, across Millersport Highway from UB’s athletic facilities, the 16,000-square foot health complex is expected to become a destination for orthopaedics and sports medicine in Western New York.

Dale refers to his visit as an amazing experience. He describes how, beginning with the staff at the front desk, “everyone was smiling and happy” and that he received the same professionally warm welcome every time he comes for an appointment at a UBMD facility. “I didn’t have to wait. There were plenty of people waiting on everyone and the young lady who took care of me was fantastic, super-efficient.” He adds, “Moved me right along and I headed over to x-ray, which I think, I waited like a minute. When I left, all three at the front desk said good-bye, wishing me to have a good day.”

Dale goes on, “I travel over 100 nights a year and I’m telling you, I don’t get that kind of treatment on the road, and I stay at pretty nice hotels. It was like I was at a resort, as wacky as that might sound.”

He continues, “They respected my time, which is the most important thing. We all have had horror stories of being on time and then you sit in waiting room after waiting room. This is what compelled me to write that note. I try to do that when people do a great job. I try to let them know because it feels good to hear that you’re doing your job the right way.”

Dale finishes with this recommendation for the staff at UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, “I hope you just stick with that because it was awesome, and I’ll be happy to tell anybody you want me to tell.”