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My current visit with UBMD Ortho was a very pleasant experience, kind, respectful and professional.

“I brought my mother Bonnie into the Orchard Park, urgent care office for an issue with her knee. She received such great care from all the staff starting from the front desk , to xray and Nate the PA who was very kind. I work in healthcare as well and I know these are very tough times and I really appreciate the compassion and everyone’s professionalism. Thank You all again!”

Got ankle pain and shin pain from running. They were great at getting me in right away.

Monica Metzger was superb and took great care of my hand sprains. Highly recommend her!

“Dr. Matthew Albanese performed trigger thumb surgery on my dominant hand. I was extremely pleased with the surgery and my recovery. Dr. Albanese did a wonderful job of explaining everything to me. The surgery went great, and I have full use of my thumb and hand. He is always kind, courteous, and professional. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Albanese.”

Excellent service, efficient and effective handing of situation. I am well pleased.

This was my first time. It was a great experience. Didn’t have to wait long, Dr. very friendly, patient, and helpful. Gave me the option of getting treatment right then and there instead of making another appointment.

After a short wait in the waiting room, I was taken back to the suite and assigned a room. I had a brief wait for the doctor, who sent me for X-rays. There was a short walk to the X-ray suite right down the hall, which was very convenient! I was taken right back to my assigned room and the doctor came back and gave me my diagnosis based on those X-rays. The whole visit was less than an hour, well done to all involved! Thank you for valuing my time!

Very knowledgeable and courteous. Friendly. Helpful. Would recommend this office to everyone.

I had a very good experience. Lynn is a great practitioner and talk to me about the shots and the possible surgery on my knees. By the next day my knees were starting to get better and I feel much better now. I can walk around I can get up my stairs.

Very professional experience, from the front desk to the nurses and provider. I would highly recommend you!

Had my 3 month follow up after shoulder surgery. Very impressed with the facility and staff. Professional and caring. They always take a personal interest in me.

Nora, the PA, is the top of her profession. She is so kind, caring, and respectful. My experience with her was super and I have never encountered such a nice person as she has been to me. Thank you Nora.

I had my second treatment for my knees (shots). I arrived, was seen in 15 minutes, and was out in another 15 minutes. Lisa, the receptionist, was most helpful, and the PA, Susan, who gave me the shots, was efficient and answered all of my questions.

They treated my son quickly and provided the information in a way that he could understand.

It was nice to see what was wrong. I have seen at least 7 or more doctors. No one has ever fixed anything or offered to fix my toes. I am always sent to other doctors. Nothing gets done and I have lived in pain for 2 years.

When I was greeted by the girl at the check-in desk, she was very polite and friendly. She took my information and told me to have a seat and they would be with me shortly. After a few moments, the lab person called me and performed my X-rays in a professional manner. They took me right to the exam room and the doctor came in after a few minutes. The doctor was very good at answering any questions I had. He performed a few tests and said everything looked good as far as my operation was concerned. I explained I was having other issues and he said he would order up an MRI to find out what else was going on. I left and the girl gave me the print out as to where to call for my MRI appointment. I thanked her and left. I would definitely tell other people about my experience here.

I was seen promptly by the doctor and all questions and concerns were answered.

The entire process from making the appointment to the actual visit was the best experience I have ever had with a Physician’s office. They we’re respectful of my time and provided courteous, friendly and competent service. Would highly recommend to anyone.

I was a half-hour late for my appointment and, instead of making me come back another day, all I had to do was wait a very reasonable time and was then attended to. PAC Gregory Zybczynski is outstanding, knowledgeable, and professional. The entire staff is patient and accommodating. Great atmosphere!

When your head gets rattled, it’s hard to understand or identify its effects. Had a great experience in an attentive atmosphere where my issues became the focus to be solved. Felt very casual and relaxed with a promising focus on a path for recovery. Left my visit with a much better understanding of my situation. That to me is both a relief and a positive direction to focus on! Thanks guys!!

Appointment was scheduled fast – 3 days! There was no wait upon arrival. The Dr was fantastic. No pain at injection site. Very nice!

Everyone was generally polite & helpful. The doctor was patient & understanding.

Wonderful service. Friendly, quick, and helpful.

Seeing Dr. Guerske was the highlight of my day. She’s so caring & thorough & takes plenty of time explaining the situation. I am so grateful to have her as she makes me feel like she really cares. what a blessing she is. The young man who came in prior to her was very warm & friendly. it was a great experience thank you

I arrived at office fifteen minutes early, No waiting time. Everybody at the facility was very kind and caring. I have a broken arm and will be going back to have a cast put on. Right now I am in a temporary cast. Very wonderful and caring facility.

Very easy to set an appointment. The day of went smoothly with no wait. Friendly, informative personnel.

“I had a very pleasant experience yesterday with my first visit to UBMD Orthopaedics. When I walked in I was met with a charming young lady who took perfect care of me. My visit with Dr. Fineberg was what I had expected, very knowledgeable about my problem and gave me two options to consider to resolve it in the most practical way. We decided to try the non invasive approach first to see if that would create a livable solution. We made an appointment for 2 months from now to re-evaluate the progress and determine our next step if needed. I was very happy with Dr. Fineberg and feel I have made an excellent choice for my Doctor to work with.”

Within minutes of appointment I was taken in. Very professional staff. Everything was explained in plain English so that I understood my prognoses. Very happy with my journey through this difficult time.

“As a former, retired healthcare professional, I would like to commend Dr. Bisson and his entire staff for their expertise, courtesy and professionalism. A big shoutout and thanks to Kelly Jordan, PA, and her skillful way of explaining, in detail, her knowledge base of my shoulder issues. The ease in which she delivers care is impressive.”

“Thanks to Dr. McGrath, Robin and Stephanie for the amazing total knee replacement surgery and care! January 12 was Jack’s first day back out on his waterski! Your team was amazing and a testimonial to how a new knee can make a 70 year old resume activities and life five months after surgery.”

I just started doctoring at the facility on Big Tree Rd. I’m super happy and couldn’t believe how well run it is.

Was welcomed by a friendly reception staff and X-ray tech… my appointment with Christopher was great. He listened to my concerns and was proactive in resolving them.

What a nice group of people. Patient, caring, kind and knowledgeable. First class service because they know if you are there, something is hurting. They accommodate without making you feel worse. The medical staff is kind and explains what they are doing. I am glad I went here, everyone was very trustworthy.

My patient experience at UB Ortho was excellent. I had the opportunity to fill out all my paperwork online prior to my appointment. Registration was prompt and friendly. My x-ray was on schedule and then taken to an exam room. Exam was thorough and informative, and my options explained. I was treated and am feeling good, shoulder pain relieved. I strongly recommend UB Ortho

From the when you walk into the office you are taking care of very nice staff very clean the doctor ask question listen to you tells what can be done to fix the problem wish there were more doctor like him very caring great job.

“Dr. Winds staff is top-notch. Great attention to patient problem. Each level of staff is impressive.”

“I am a patient of Dr. Michael Freitas. I truly appreciate his kind manner and thorough care. He listens and takes the time to answer questions. I also want you to be aware of the excellent support/service I consistently receive from Jennifer, Dr. Freitas support staff member. Jennifer always displays a caring approach and is a true professional in her service to your patients. She represents you well.”

The office and team are always pleasant and on time which makes our day go even better. Thank you.

My son Jack injured his ankle at volleyball practice and we took him to one of the local ER offices for X-rays. Luckily, it was just a sprain. However, I was told that we needed to follow up with our pediatrician or a specialist. It seemed logical to have an Orthopaedic Surgeon review the X-rays and give an opinion. He confirmed the sprain and was able to explain the injury in more detail and how to take care of. He recommended PT, which is in the same complex. So convenient and very friendly staff.

When I arrived I immediately was greeted by a very pleasant and helpful young lady at the front desk! From there I was escorted to X-ray and was handled with such care then taken directly back to a room! The resident doctor was great and then in walks Dr. Rachala! He makes you feel so at ease and explained what was seen on your X-ray making sure your mind is at ease! He’s the BEST!!

I was in tremendous pain from a previous shoulder injury. Dr Fineberg’s team was able to get me seen quickly and treat my shoulder. The experience at UBMD Ortho was and is always professional and courteous

“Dr Boyle is a caring and compassionate doctor. She takes time and listens to your concerns and is a down to earth doctor. I am so happy she did my total knee replacement. Her staff is as nice as she is. I would recommend Dr Boyle and her staff.”

I had a great experience at the new PT site on Transit Road near Como Park Blvd. Peter Tonsoline reviewed my report with me and then set up a program up after my knee surgery. He, Patti and Kathleen were always there and watching to make sure I did the exercises correctly.  Jessica the receptionist was also very friendly and accommodating to my requests for times for my sessions. They are all very professional and friendly. I am doing great and it is due to their help. 5 stars for sure.

“I just had my visit to the Harlem Rd office last week and the past 7 years of my associating with them it has always been a pleasure, very good people. Dr Ritter and his staff are great. Thank you.”

“UBMD Ortho & Sports medicine on Abbott Rd in Orchard Park is the greatest office to be treated at. I am honored to be treated at this office, they always treat me with a the best intentions and highest respect. Bless God for such a wonderful medical facility. Thank You.”

UBMD Orthopaedics was very responsive to my current knee issue and went out of their way to get me scheduled and seen quickly. By that afternoon I was X-Rayed, evaluated and treated by Josh Weeks a PA at their Williams Road office in Niagara Falls. Very convenient for me and I was in and out in approx.1-1/2 hrs. Much appreciated and I am feeling much better this AM, not perfect, but on the way. Thank you.

Excellent, professional service every time. It’s always a pleasure to come to you. The staff is very kind and takes care of our patients. I received injections in both knees and am helped every time I go there. Thank you.

“After a year of different doctors and treatments in my hometown i decided to give UBMD Ortho a try. After my first appointment that only took 1 hour, I was diagnosed and had hip replacement surgery scheduled. Thank you for the help.”

“I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Geoffrey Bernas, Travis Schake, PA and Scott Dinse, PT and his entire team for the wonderful care you all have shown to me over the past 10-months. I am looking forward to getting back on the golf course in the next couple weeks.”

This was my second visit for a broken toe. All staff very helpful and courteous. PA was friendly and knowledgeable and took extra time to answer any questions. Thank you!

This was my second post-surgery follow-up. My goal after extensive rotator cuff surgery was to resume my amateur baseball career. The staff is so professional and caring. They have taken a personal interest in me and it shows. Very pleased with the facility doctors and PA.

Dr. Jain is FABULOUS!!! The service and patient experience he provides is outstanding. I went to him 2 months ago in horrible pain and 8 weeks later I am pain free. I credit Dr. Jain for the correct diagnosis and treatment. He is kind, caring, compassionate and an exceptional Doctor. I cannot say enough about my experience with Dr. Jain and his incredible staff.

“I have been to many doctors since 2004 because of a very bad car accident. I cannot say enough about Dr. Hamill. He took the time and patience to explain everything to me. A gentleman and class act. This doctor really cares and his staff was extraordinary. I highly recommend them.”

“I found the office to be very well organized. The staff were all extremely helpful. My treatment was a great relief.”

Very organized visit. Everyone acted in a professional and courteous manner.

I saw Greg Burkhard, PA-C, after fracturing my elbow. He was compassionate and careful, went over my X-ray, treatment risks, and the ways I needed to proceed to ensure the best results in healing. He also reviewed and emphasized what I needed to do once more to make sure I understood the possible consequences if I didn’t take this recovery period seriously. I appreciated his professionalism and instructions. Once again this is the right place to go for care and when facing an unexpected mishap. Thank you!

The doctor & his assistant were very knowledgeable and they helped me understand my problem.

The office is clean and well organized. The radiology tech was efficient and polite. The wait time was relatively short. The PA listened to the history and asked pertinent questions. He did a thorough examination and then brought in the physician who discussed the impressions. Each was very professional.

It was a very informative visit that, was professionally conducted by a knowledgeable staff.

Everyone was very professional and congenial. It was a learning experience. Thank you.

1st time patient. Found the entire staff to be quite compassionate, knowledgeable, courteous, and very caring. The entire process was swift, and very smooth. With no long waits.I will be quick to referr this clinic to others, and should the need be, return here myself for an injury!

The staff was very kind and welcoming. The attention to my problem was very well discussed and an MRI was done the next week, skipping the therapy process. I am in need of a new chiropractor and I believe all my medical needs can be achieved at UBMD. I feel great about the future going ahead with my neck issues. Thank you.

My experience at UBMD’s facility in Orchard Park was just the way I like any medical visit. Quick, simple, and on time. I didn’t have to wait in the office for more than 5 minutes before being seen. And the receptionist for the main office and for Doctor Phillips were kind, courteous and extremely helpful. Thanks for the great experience.

I have a torn meniscus and was in a lot of pain. I was invited to participate in a 3-month trial which is almost complete. I have improved by exercising and PT. The staff is great. They remind and encourage me to keep optimism and perseverance at the forefront of my regimen for healing and fitness.