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Physical Therapists

About Our Physical Therapy Team

Physical therapy can serve as a nonsurgical solution for minor injuries, or be required for a patient after a serious broken bone, muscle injury, joint replacement or restorative surgery. Orthopaedic physical therapy training helps to strengthen muscles to help patients find pain relief and restore normal functionality and motion. Aiding in recovery – helping to restore strength and confidence – that is what our physical therapists excel at, and the team of PTs at UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine are here to help.

Orthopaedic Physical Therapy for Bone & Joint Injuries

While a broken bone or damaged joint heals, you often need to wear a cast or brace, restricting motion and causing weakness in supporting muscles. Once the injury has healed, sports medicine physical therapy can help you recover any lost muscle control and help you get back your normal range of motion and functionality. Orthopaedic physical therapy exercises are designed to build strength and flexibility in area of the body impacted by your injury, allowing you to return to your daily life or athletic pursuits more quickly and at the same levels you were at before.

Joint Replacement and Surgical Recovery

Having a joint replaced, undergoing back surgery and other medical repairs procedures can put a strain on the body and require that you ease into returning to normal activities. Working with a physical therapist can be critical to achieving a positive and rapid recovery. Physical therapists are well versed in aftercare and work as part of your orthopaedic care team to help you retrain your muscles and your body to recover a full range of motion and motor control capabilities during your recovery.

Physical therapy plays an important role in your health and recovery. Find orthopaedic physical therapists available near you or schedule a time to speak with the UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine team today by calling 716.204.3200.

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