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About Impact Sports Performance

The mission of IMPACT Sports Performance is to create an educational and competitive experience within an atmosphere of elite training. We strive to develop and realize individual and team potential by promoting high standards of purpose, effort, and humility.

The types of clients that train at IMPACT range from professional athletes of all sports, to young athletes who have goals set on making it to the next level. We also cater to adults looking for a better, more professional, and educationally-oriented fitness program. Our integrative model of Sports Performance Coaches, Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists and Doctors help every athlete get the best possible results based on their established individual goals. Our Sports Performance Coaches develop a comprehensive plan that focuses on strength, power, speed, endurance and movement.

While the skill level and specific goals change based on the ability of the athlete, a strong passion and desire to train will remain consistent. Athletes know when they come to IMPACT, they must be focused and committed to getting better and training harder than they have in the past. All of our clients take pride in the professionalism of our approach and work ethic.


Initial Impact Questionnaire

The initial Impact questionnaire is an evaluation tool we use to gather information on athletes and clients to help our coaches gain background and context on how we can help you achieve your goals!