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IMPACT Sports Performance is dedicated to creating an educational and competitive training experience and advantage for teams, athletes and adults and youths in Western New York, while promoting high standards of physical and mental strength.

team performance training

Team Performance Training

We offer an innovative approach to team training – building a solid athletic foundation while staying focused on each athlete’s individual goals. Athletes are closely supervised as our coaches take them through an intense 60-minute workout with a focus on proper biomechanics and energy system development.

athlete performance training

Athlete Performance Training

Athletes require a specific type of training that will help bring them to the next level. Our coaches provide sport specific training in a semi-private session focused on mobility, stability, strength, power and endurance. Athletes will see in an increase in their speed, explosiveness, core stability and athleticism.

adult performance training

Adult Performance Training

Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle strength, increase endurance, maintain a healthy exercise routine or train for a 5K, our coaches will work with you and a group of 2-6 people to develop a training program that works best with your lifestyle and athletic ability. You will follow an individualized program based on your initial assessment, training level, and personal goals. Every program includes a dynamic warm-up, mobility, stability, flexibility, strength, power, and conditioning work.