Unite local hospitals, professional and collegiate sports programs, and other organizations whose mission is to give back to the community and reinforce sports safety

Train and educate the best Certified Athletic Trainers in Western New York

Utilize the expertise of UBMD Orthopaedics' 30+ surgeons and physicians to assess and treat sports injuries

Expand top-tier athletic training coverage in Western New York high schools

Educate the community on sports safety

Our mission is to protect student athletes by ensuring that every Western New York high school has a well-trained, full-time athletic trainer (ATC) who has rapid access to the best of our local healthcare system.

ATEAM knows that ATCs are the best-suited, most highly trained individuals to be on the sidelines of athletic practices and games. However, in New York State, approximately one quarter of high schools have a full-time ATC.

With the proper funding, ATEAM can help outfit every high school in Western New York with trainers so that student athletes are safe. Help us reach our goals, one trainer at a time. For more information on the program or to make a donation to the ATEAM program, please call 716.204.3200.


We treat you like a pro. That’s because we serve as the team doctors for several professional organizations, giving you the same level of care that we provide to the professional teams.


Our sports medicine physicians keep Western New York collegiate athletes in top shape by providing expert care at games and practices.