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Athletic Training

The mission of the Athletic Training Education And Medical (ATEAM) Program is to protect student athletes by ensuring that every Western New York high school has a well-trained, full-time certified athletic trainer (ATC) providing rapid access to the best of our local health care system. We believe that Expertise is Everything, and we strive to have experts available to every athlete at every practice and every game.

In New York, only about one quarter of high schools have a full-time ATC. With proper funding, the ATEAM program can help ensure every high school in Western New York has an ATC for student athletes. Help us reach our goals, one athletic trainer at a time.

For more information or to donate to the ATEAM program, please call 716.204.3200.

Doctors at Bills game


We’re doctors for the pros. As the team doctors for several professional organizations, you receive the same level of care as players on NFL, NHL, NLL and AHL teams.

Doctors at Bills game


Our sports medicine physicians keep college athletes in top shape by providing expert care at games and practices for six Western New York universities and colleges.

High School

Through our ATEAM program, UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine provides athletic trainers for over 30 Western New York high school athletics programs.

In addition, ATEAM provides coverage for:

  • Section VI Sectional Athletic Competitions
  • Canisius College Club Hockey
  • Harborcenter
  • Buffalo Rugby Club
  • South Buffalo Rugby Club
  • Misfits Rugby Club
  • UB Club Sports

Unite hospitals, sports programs & other athletics groups to reinforce sports safety

Use the expertise of our 40+ surgeons & physicians to assess & treat sports injuries

Expand top-tier athletic training coverage in Western New York high schools

Educate the WNY athletics community on the importance of sports safety