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The shoulder is hands down the most flexible joint in your body. It is capable of an incredible range of motion. As a ball-and-socket-type of joint, it has much of the same flexibility as the hip joint, but is also used more in daily activities and athletics leading to its higher incidence of injuries and issues.

Shoulder injuries are one of the leading reasons patients come to UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. Whether professional athletes, weekend warriors or unlucky individuals, we see a number of injuries and issues at each of our locations. Among the most common shoulder problems are arthritis, fracture, rotator cuff tear, dislocation and bursitis.

No matter the problem you are having with your shoulder, our board-certified physicians are experts in both surgical and non-surgical methods of treatment to help your shoulder pain. We will take scans and perform tests to fully understand the causes of immobility or pain. We will then work with you and other members of your care team to develop a comprehensive approach to restoring mobility and relieving pain, while working to strengthen and stabilize your shoulder for a lifetime of regular use.

Learn more about some of the most prevalent shoulder issues at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ website, or schedule an appointment with UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine today.

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With a Special Presentation Honoring Dr. Philip Stegemann

Patient Testimonials

“When I entered the appointment room, there were screens that showed the X-ray and MRI of my shoulder. The extent of damage to my tendons was explained to me in a very professional and thorough way by Dr. Stegemann. He helped me understand what my treatment choices were, and I felt comforted because of that knowledge. I left his office with a good feeling.”


“I had very extensive damage to my shoulder due to a number of injuries. Dr. Duquin performed surgery and was able to repair all the damage, getting me on a path to recovery. I cannot say enough about the quality of care I received. Each and every doctor, PA and staff member I came into contact with was extremely professional, caring and friendly. They took genuine concern in me and my recovery.”


“I have been to many doctors over the years and can honestly say that I have never been more impressed. The doctor spent a great deal of time reviewing my X-rays and MRI. I was a part of the process, as he meticulously explained the results and my choices moving forward. I was not just a number. My surgery has been scheduled, and I am confident I am in very good hands.”