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What is PatientIQ?

PatientIQ helps UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine stay in touch with you to know how you’re feeling and to make sure we provide you with the best care possible. We care about you and your health – even when you’re not at our office. PatientIQ helps UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicines understand how our care is helping you, and to get your feedback on what we can do better.

How does it work?

PatientIQ will contact you through email and/or text message to:

  • Ask you questions about your health
  • Ask you questions about how your visit went
  • Send you educational videos or care instructions

While the emails or text messages come from PatientIQ, the questions being asked are from your healthcare team. It is very important to answer the questions so they can provide you with the best care possible.

How often will I be contacted?

Because our health is always changing, it’s important to stay connected and make sure everything is going well. PatientIQ will reach out to you as your healthcare team suggests and at key times throughout your recovery.

How long will it take to answer questions?

Just a few minutes! We know you are busy, so we make sure to ask only the most important questions.

Your responses are kept completely secure and will only be seen by your doctor and healthcare team.