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Nutrition – Fuel your Body to Perform

Nutritionist in Buffalo, NY

We all know that balanced nutrition in important to our health, but did you know that it can be vital to your athletic performance or recovery from an injury? The right foods can provide our energy throughout the day and keep us strong and healthy, but with the busy life that most of us lead, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right balance between healthy eating and convenience.

Starting with an initial conversation about your lifestyle – including your habits and hobbies, schedule and work demands, athletic pursuits – our team will help put together a comprehensive plan for your day-to-day needs that can help you feel and perform at your best. We understand that everyone has difficult needs and goals, which is why we consult directly with you in a one-on-one approach that allows our dieticians to develop an individual plan that’s tailored for you and your specific needs.

Our team also works closely with high school, collegiate and professional athletes, and offer insights, guidance and advice on the best way for athletes to stay healthy and active. Our sports dieticians can help ensure you have the right fuel you need for workouts and training, including the balance of nutrients and minerals your body needs to compete at your best.

Our team understands that you may have a busy schedule and juggle many different obligations and needs, whether it’s working a second job or night shift or raising young children. We work with patients on an outpatient basis, beginning with a one-hour initial consultation to discuss your meal timing, lifestyle choices, overall health goals and more.

Science-based, practical recommendations and personalized guidance will help you achieve both your performance and health goals. So no matter what your sports performance goal, focusing on what you can add in is what will benefit you. Our team will help you to make the connection between what foods will help support your training and what foods you enjoy to help you to feel and perform your best.

Why should I meet with a registered dietician?

  • General healthy guidelines for you or your family
  • Sports nutrition to enhance athletic performance
  • Weight management to control weight gain, loss or maintenance
  • Meal planning and recipe ideas
  • Management of specific diseases like heart disease or high blood pressure
  • Maintaining nutritional balance for conditions like diabetes
  • Prevention of disease or injury

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Find out how small changes to your nutrition and diet can make big changes in your life. Schedule your initial consultation today by calling UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine at 716.204.3200, or call a location near you.

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