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Patient Success Story

UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Helped Laurie Kearney Get Back on Her Feet After a Life-Altering Accident

“Oh my gosh, I am 200% improved [after my knee replacement surgery]! I have my legs back, like when I was 35. I know I can’t do everything I used to, but I’m not far from it at all.” Now a 62-year-old bus driver for her former school district, Laurie Kearney was quite...

I No Longer Have Any Knee Pain

“Dr. Rachala is not only very professional but also very kind and personal. He remembers my parents, whom he has cared for, and my husband, and always asks about them. Lyn, his PA, is also amazing. She is kind, very gentle and professional. I do not feel like a number...

Dave O’Neill Is Now Able to Sleep & Enjoy an Active Lifestyle Without Shoulder Pain

“The best part was that one week after surgery, it felt better than it had prior to surgery. I am now sleeping a full night, at least seven hours. When I bike ride, I don’t have any shoulder pain anymore. I have not played volleyball yet, but I anticipate it will be...
Always Go with the Best When It Comes  to Knee Replacement

Always Go with the Best When It Comes to Knee Replacement

Not surprisingly, Jack DeCarlo heard about UBMD’s Dr. McGrath numerous times. So, he told himself, “If you want to get fixed up and be back at it, you always go with the best.” Jack Decarlo has been married for 48 years, has four daughters, nine grandchildren and a...

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I Simply Wanted a Better Quality of Life

I Simply Wanted a Better Quality of Life

I was hellbent on not having a hip replacement at age 45, but getting your life back and getting the quality of life back is well worth it.” “It’s about quality of life,” said Troy Allen, a 46-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative who resides in Olean, NY, a...

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They Told Me My “Hip Was Shot”

They Told Me My “Hip Was Shot”

Olympic weightlifting and Strongman Champ Tony Kalisz undergoes hip replacement in order to compete once again Tony Kalisz is 45 years old, married with two daughters, 9 and 11. An industrial custom metal fabricator by profession, Tony says he “can basically build...

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