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Amy Wittmeyer Leg Surgery Comeback Story


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Dear Dr. Rauh, Three years ago, my daughter, Amy Wittmeyer, cartwheeled over a car door while riding her bicycle to…
April 13, 2021

Dear Dr. Rauh,

Three years ago, my daughter, Amy Wittmeyer, cartwheeled over a car door while riding her bicycle to college classes. The resulting damage to her left leg was disastrous, to say in the least.

Her ACL was obliterated; torn MCL and meniscus. Lateral fracture of the tibia, and stress fractures on the femur and tibia. You interviewed her, discussed her injuries and her goals in recovery. During the examination, you asked her where she played volleyball as a middle hitter. Amy was astonished because it had not come up during the discussion. You grinned and said, looking at her long fingers and musculature, “My daughter is also a middle. You’re built just like her.” We grinned, and when you asked her about what her objective was in recovery, she said “I want to play volleyball again.” You nodded, and we were on our way.

Yosemite-Mountain-ClimbingFast forward three years, and after a great deal of sweat, tears and some seriously strong dedication, Amy is now LITERALLY climbing mountains. Her beautiful long left leg fully and capably supports her as she begins a climb, an activity learned in California this past summer while working with the Great Basin Institute in doing wildlife research. She has been able to have a wonderful time as a fly on the wall of a rock in Yosemite National park.

Your skill as a surgeon and your understanding of the athletic physique combine admirably to heal my daughter, and help set her upon some amazing life-affirming adventures as she enjoys the strength and wholeness of her recovered leg. The words “thank you” are so simple, and do not seem to convey the depth of my appreciation or the happiness I see in her face as she relates to these experiences and adventures to me, so I thought I’d share the evidence of her happiness in those pictures.

Thank you, Dr. Rauh, for everything you have done for my daughter!

With utmost sincerity,

Patricia Wittmeyer


Since Amy’s surgery, she has been a wildlife crew leader in the Adirondacks, a northern goshawk survey technician in the Eldorado National Forest in California, a conservation corps member in Utah, and a carnivore crew leader in Sequoia and Sierra National Forests in California. While she’s been working out west, she’s gotten into rock climbing and summited the highest mountain she’s ever climbed at 10,850 ft. Amy’s been able to do canyoneering, ride horses and she is back to playing volleyball.

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