Essential to the success of the surgical procedure is early normalization of passive and active range of motion. The boney removal has the potential to stimulate scarring and difficult restoration of range of motion. Based on comfort patient can be progressed through these phases more quickly.

Immediately post operative
The shoulder sling applied in surgery will be worn for comfort purposes only. Based on comfort the sling can be discontinued as quickly as the patient desires.

1 day post operative
Pendulum exercises will be initiated at home as well as the use of ice for pain control. Sling is used to maintain patient comfort.

1 week post operative
Formal physical therapy will begin. Physical therapy will focus on pain management and restoration of passive and active range of motion. No restrictions on range of motion. Patient may wean from sling as tolerated.

2 weeks post operative
Aggressive passive range of motion and glenohumeral mobilization. Isometric strengthening for the scapula, rotator cuff and glenohumeral muscles should be started. The sling should be discontinued by the end of the second week.

3 weeks post operative
Active resistive exercises can be initiated.

4 weeks post operative
Active range of motion should be approaching normal limits.

12 weeks post operative
Return to normal activities including non-throwing athletics. Start overhead return and throwing sport specific activities.

4 months post operative
Return to throwing sports.