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Rosealin Heinemann, ATC

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Rosealin Heinemann, ATC

Head Athletic Trainer for Lockport High School


Undergraduate: SUNY Brockport
Graduate: Western Michigan University
Additional Experience/Certifications: ATC, First Aide/CPR, Graston Technique Certified


Main goal of anyone in this profession is to help people, mainly athletes. I have an inherent love for medicine from my family. My mom is a nurse, my oldest sister a doctor, and my other sister is a physical therapist. I knew in high school that those routes didn’t quite fit my personality. I had a love for sports, as well. When I was playing in a high school basketball game (at Ken West I might add), I hurt my ankle. An ATC was on site (not a normal thing to have when I was in high school, very few in the area at that time). They cared for me and was able to get me back in the game. It was the perfect fit for me. I got to combine my love for sports with the knowledge of medicine. I was able to do all that and be on the front lines, the first to respond to athletic injuries. When looking at it now, there isn’t much I would change. My heart still breaks seeing an athlete get injured and is filled with joy when they return to play. I love knowing that in some part I helped make that happen.