Injury Prevention Videos

Video Demonstrations of the FIFA 11+ Exercises

The FIFA 11+ warm-up has been shown to reduce injuries in multiple sports. The videos below illustrate each of the FIFA 11+ exercises. Use these videos along with the FIFA 11+ warm-up outlined for your sport to make sure your team is following the science to decrease injuries.

Part 1: Straight forward

Part 1: Hip in

Part 1: Hip out

Part 1: Circling partner

Part 1: Jumping with shoulder contact

Part 1: Quick forward & backwards

Part 2: Plank Level 1

Part 2: Plank alternating legs

Part 2: Leg lift and hold, Level 3

Part 2: Side Plank Level 1

Part 2: Side plank hip lift, level 2

Part 2: Side plank leg lift, level 3

Part 2: Hamstrings

Level 2: Single Leg Stance

Level 2: Single leg stance, throwing ball with partner

Level 2: Squats with toe raise

Level 2: Squats walking lunges

Level 2: Squats, one leg

Level 2: Jumping, vertical jumps

Level 2: Jumping, lateral jumps

Level 2: Jumping, box jumps

Part 3: Running across the field

Part 3: Running and bounding

Part 3: Plant & Cut