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Type II SLAP Lesion Repair (Superior Labrum)

Essential to full recovery from a Type II SLAP (Superior Labral tear from Anterior to Posterior) Lesion is protection of the repaired labrum. Patient complaint of pain is not a good gauge for progression. Healing time constraints are critical.

Immediately post operative
Patient will remain in an immobilizer for four weeks. Patient can start performing opposite arm pendulum exercises, assisted elbow range of motion, and hand pumps.

2 weeks post operative
Patient can remove the sling for showering, but must keep elbow flexed and avoid external rotation.

4-6 weeks post operative
Patient to begin physical therapy. Rehab will begin passive shoulder and elbow range of motion. Shoulder motion will avoid external rotation, and elbow flexion must remain passive.

6 weeks post operative
Patient to begin active range of motion for shoulder and elbow. Isometric scapular, upper back and shoulder setting exercises can begin. Avoid resistive elbow flexion. Strength work should emphasize dynamic stabilization.

8 weeks post operative
Patient can increase resistive exercises, emphasis should remain on dynamic stabilization and proprioception. Active range of motion should be approximating normal limits, external rotation will be limited mildly.

12 weeks post operative
Patient can begin aggressive strength work including biceps. Multi joint lifts can be initiated. No throwing or racquet type activities.

6 months post operative
Begin sport specific racquet and throwing activities. Return to non throwing or racquet sports.

8 months post operative
Return to all athletic activities.