17 Feb 2017

When people ask me to recommend a doctor for foot pain problems, I always recommend Dr. Bernhard Rohrbacher. Many years ago I limped (literally) into his office diagnosed with bone spurs/plantar fascitis. Everything Dr. Rohrbacher recommended helped to eventually resolve the unbearable pain. Night splint to keep the affected foot at 90 degree angle while sleeping. Custom orthotics, frequent heel drop stretches throughout the day and wearing the very best running sneakers I could find. He also educated me about the importance of discarding running shoes when worn out. For example, when the shoes no longer have the ‘spongey’ supportive feeling they have when first purchased, no matter how good the shoes look on the outside, they wear out from the inside! A few years later, I developed sharp pain in the ball of my foot. My primary MD thought the pain was caused by a Morton’s neuroma and recommended seeing a podiatrist for surgery. I demanded a referral to see Dr. Rohrbacher. His diagnosis: inflammation (synovitis) of the toe next to the great toe. With adept hands, Dr. Rohrbacher placed cloth surgical tape around the affected toe in a ‘figure eight’ pattern and anchoring the tape on the dorsal (top) of my foot. The pain was immediately gone. No drugs. No surgery. And one recommendation. Avoid wearing high heeled shoes! Well, you can’t win ’em all! Thank you, Dr. “Happy Feet.”