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I have not yet had surgery, but today’s visit to UBMD finally gave me the accurate answers I’ve been seeking. Yes, I was there for about an hour and a half, but that included two sets of X-rays in a packed waiting room. Why packed? Because for some of the surgeons, this is the only day they do not perform surgery and can see patients. When Dr. Hamill arrived in the exam room, he was instantly engaging,
greeting both my husband and me with a handshake and a direct smile, putting us both at ease. He used medical terms that we did not understand, but when asked to explain he was thorough and clear. He showed me my X-rays and MRI and explained in detail and in words I understood, the condition of my spine and his plan for surgery. He went as far as finding pictures on his phone of spines with similar conditions to show me how surgical procedures have advanced. I wanted honest answers to questions about the surgery, recovery, and prognosis, and I received them. I am not at all looking forward to the surgery, but I feel that I am in the capable hands of a specialist who understands my condition and particular issues, and has the skills to ameliorate them.