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Concussions are a growing area of concern in athletics, especially in youth sports. However, concussions can happen at any time to anyone – not just in athletics.

At the UB Concussion Management Clinic, our board-certified primary care sports medicine physicians diagnose and treat concussions, cranial trauma and vestibular injuries. For most individuals, concussion symptoms disappear after a week or so, although sometimes symptoms may persist for three or more weeks. This could be a sign of a condition known as post-concussion syndrome.

Traumatic brain injuries – TBIs – and concussions can cause a wide range of symptoms, with many of them similar to other conditions. That’s why it’s critical to work with the team at UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, where you’ll find internationally recognized experts in the diagnosis and treatment of TBIs and concussions.

If you suspect a concussion, seek medical care to make sure that your condition is monitored and managed correctly. Consult your primary care physician and the UB Concussion Management Clinic for the most experienced concussion care in Western New York.

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