Essential to the success of the arthroscopic posterior labral repair is protection of the capsule and static stabilizers of the glenohumeral joint. Level of pain is not an accurate gauge of healing and need for progression

Immediately post operative
Patient will be placed in an immobilizer for four weeks. Patient is allowed to start immediate hand, wrist and elbow range of motion exercises.

10 days post operative
Patient can remove immobilizer for showering and begin gentle pendulum exercises three times daily. All other activities of daily living will be done in the immobilizer.

4 weeks post operative
Physical therapy will begin, emphasis will be normalization of elbow range of motion and initiation of passive range of motion in the shoulder avoiding movement of the arm beyond midaxillary line.

6 weeks post operative
Initiate active range of motion. Scapular, upper back and shoulder postural awareness and setting exercises can start very gently.

8 weeks post operative
Passive range of motion should approximate normal limits. Internal and external rotation will be limited. Progress to gentle resistive motion exercises.

12 weeks post operative
Progression of resistive exercises and multi joint lifting can be incorporated.

6 months post operative
Return to contact sports. Initiate sport specific activities for racquet and throwing sports.

8 months post operative
Return to all athletic activity.