Dr. Thomas Gill visits UB Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

Dr. Thomas Gill visits UB Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine as the Ralph & Mary Wilson Visiting Professor

21 Sep 2012 entries

Thomas Gill, M.D., Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Harvard Medical School, visited Buffalo as the 5th Ralph & Mary Wilson Visiting Professor. The Wilsons, thru the Buffalo Bills team Physician Fund, have provided the sports medicine surgeons at UB Orthopedics & Sports Medicine the opportunity to attract leaders in the field from around the country.

Dr. Gill is Medical Director of the New England Patriots of the NFL, and Team Physician for the Boston Bruins of the NHL. He also serves as Director of the Harvard/Massachusetts General Hospital Sports Medicine Fellowship Program. His research interests include cartilage restoration of the knee, and biologic cellular techniques for resurfacing prematurely arthritic joint surfaces. He has spent more than a decade using a customizable robot to test the biomechanical properties of the cruciate ligaments of the knee. Dr. Gill has published extensively on the kinematics of the normal cruciate ligaments, ligament deficiencies, and ligament reconstructions.

In a Grand Rounds format, UB Orthopedics & Sports Medicine residents and fellows presented interesting cases recently managed by UBOSM attending surgeons. These cases provided excellent examples for discussion of some of the newest advances in reconstructive surgery of the knee. Dr. Gill also gave a lecture summarizing his many studies of the anatomy, biomechanics, and kinematics of the knee joint. His presentation proved to be informative and thought provoking