Leddy addresses Concussion Myths vs Reality

Leddy addresses Concussion Myths vs Reality

22 May 2013 entries

On Saturday, May 18th, Dr. John Leddy presented “Concussion: Myth vs Reality” as part of the Saturday Continuing Medical Education (CME) Series at Mercy Hospital of Buffalo.

The presentation addressed seven common “myths” surrounding concussion, and the evidence-based data that challenges these myths. For example, while many believe that concussions are more common in boys, Dr. Leddy shows that 9 of 10 studies found higher injury rates for females. In addition, while many believe that loss of consciousness is a sign of a more severe concussion, the data suggests otherwise – and show that factors such as prior concussions can double or even triple the concussion risk for athletes.

In his presentation, Dr. Leddy explained these (and other) myths in detail, sharing relevant data, and discussed best practices for diagnosis and treatment of concussions.

John Leddy, M.D., FACSM, FACP is a primary care physician with UB Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. He is also Associate Professor of Clinical Orthopaedics, Medicine and Rehabilitation Sciences, as well as Director of the University at Buffalo Concussion Management Clinic. The Concussion Management Clinic provides evaluation and treatment for individuals suffering from a recent concussion and from post-concussion syndrome.

John Leddy, M.D., FACSM, FACP