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FAI (Femoral Acetabular Impingement)

Femoral neck or acetabulum

Femoral neck or acetabulum or both resected.

Protective Phase: 0-8 weeks post operative weight bearing restrictions

  • Foot flat weight bearing limited to approximately 20 pounds progressing to approximately 50% of body weight with crutches for 6 weeks
  • Passive range of motion in all planes, avoid adduction past midline
  • Active range of motion in sagittal plane to 90 degrees of flexion and frontal plane to 25 degrees of abduction
  • Core muscle stabilization exercise; should be initiated on the mat table
  • Isometric strength work within pain free limits, should be initiated around the hip without weight bearing
  • Week 0-4 Exercises
  • Week 4-8 Exercises

Restorative Phase: 8-14 weeks post operative

  • Progression to full weight bearing
  • Progressive range of motion to normal limits, mobilization and passive stretching should not encourage hypermobility of the hip joint, aggressive rotation or adduction should be limited
  • Piriformis, illiopsoas and gluteal flexibility normalized
  • Progressive close chain strength work starting in the sagittal plane and moving to multiplanar activities
  • Normalize gait
  • Proprioceptive deficits are progressively addressed
  • Highly compressive or high load activities (i.e. running) are avoided
  • Week 8-11 Exercises
  • Week 11-14 Exercises

Functional Phase: greater than 3 months post operative

  • Begin running
  • Begin sport specific or work specialized conditioning