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What is OrthoCare?


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For years, UB OrthoCare has been here to care for any broken bones, strains, sprains, concussions and other urgent orthopaedic…
April 8, 2022

For years, UB OrthoCare has been here to care for any broken bones, strains, sprains, concussions and other urgent orthopaedic injuries you may sustain. With three locations across Western New York – Amherst, Niagara Falls and Orchard Park – we make it easy to find the care you need at a location near you.

What is the difference between OrthoCare and Urgent Care?

UB OrthoCare is different from other urgent care facilities due to the staff’s years of expertise in treating a variety of conditions and orthopaedic injuries. Not only that, “a visit to Orthocare allows for direct collaboration and follow-up with our staff of highly trained orthopedic physicians,” said UB Orthocare Physicians Assistant, Dane Burke. This means following your initial urgent care visit a member of our team will care for the injury every step of the way at one of our 12 locations.

Spring Activities and Injury Prevention

With spring right around the corner, injuries can be more common as people return to outdoor activities. “The most common spring injuries are usually sprains and strains associated with increased physical activity”, said Dane Burke, PA-C.

By easing yourself back into a healthy routine you can gradually add workouts back in and increase your endurance. “The body’s tissues and structures need time to acclimate from a period of decreased activity to a period of increased activity”, Burke added. In comparison you want to adopt good habits like getting enough sleep and eating a well balanced diet rich with nutritious foods.

Before getting back into your favorite sport or outdoor activity make sure to address any health concerns you have with one our orthopaedic physicians so you can avoid potential injury. If everything checks out and you are ready to get back into your spring routine, make sure to allow enough time to recover after doing said activity, sport or practice session. Preparing your body for the activities by stretching and cross training can prevent overuse injuries as well Burke added.

Chose UB OrthoCare Over the ER

For your urgent sprains, strains, concussions and other orthopaedic injuries skip the ER and visit UB OrthoCare in Amherst, Niagara Falls and Orchard Park. UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine is here for the Western New York community, and we want to keep our community members safe by continuing to offer urgent injury care at our UB OrthoCare offices. Please call 716.204.3200 to make an urgent appointment and we will get you in for a visit as soon as we can.