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million Patient outcome forms completed to date (June 2023)

Oberd Database

What is Oberd?

Oberd is a database that provides electronic outcome forms to our patients. Outcome forms help doctors track patients’ wellness over the course of treatment so they can make the best decisions for each patients’ recovery. It is important that YOU describe your current condition with your UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine care team. We collect this information in the form of questionnaires.

Why should I complete the questionnaire?

Patients who complete their forms not only provide their doctor with the information they need to better their own care, they also provide invaluable data which helps us all.

Why am I being asked to complete the same questionnaire I did at my last appointment?

Each follow-up appointment marks a different time point in your recovery. Although questions are the same, your answers may be very different because time has lapsed since you began your treatment and/or surgery. These repeated questions allow your doctor to better determine how well he/she is taking care of you, and how well you are progressing in your recovery.

Why does this survey ask about my mental health?

In order for us to properly assess your overall health and well-being, it is important for your doctor to understand how your physical condition affects your feelings and helps to monitor your treatment progress.

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For Oberd patient support, visit: http://support.oberd.com/ubmd