Essential to the open Bankart repair is restoration of range of motion. The nature of the procedure leads to scarring of the capsule and self-splinting secondary to pain.

Immediately post operative
The patient will use a sling and initiate pendulum exercises 3 times daily for 5 minute sessions. The patient can bring hand to face, but avoid letting the elbow move behind the body.

2 weeks post operative
Physical therapy to include passive range of motion and pain control. Goals of initial PT will be passive range of motion to progress quickly (the open procedure leads to stiffness more than the arthroscopic procedure).

4 weeks post operative
Discontinue sling. Active and active resistive motion begin to dominate rehab. Strengthening should emphasize upper back and scapular, upper back and scapular strengthening. To protect the subscapularis tendon, do not rush glenohumeral strengthening.

12 weeks post operative
Active range of motion should be 90% of normal. Aggressive upper extremity strengthening should be incorporated.

6 months post operative
Patient is allowed to return to contact athletics. Throwing athletes require continued rehab prior to athletic competition.