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Dr. Jeffrey Katz Gives 19th Ralph & Mary Wilson Gift Lecture

Dr. Jeffrey Katz recently delivered the 19th Ralph & Mary Wilson Visiting Professor Lecture to the orthopaedic staff, fellows, residents and physical therapists. His talk, titled “Management of Meniscal Tear in Middle Aged and Older Patients: Making Sense of...

UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Welcomes New Doctors

Orthopaedic experts join practice, start seeing patients today UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine is welcoming a couple of new doctors to the practice. Married Drs. Matthew and Allison Binkley are the latest physicians to join the UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports...

Buffalo Now: Dr. Michael Rauh on Summer Injuries

Dr. Rauh discusses summer injuries for pediatric, adolescent and adult populations.
How to Avoid Overuse Injuries in Young Athletes

How to Avoid Overuse Injuries in Young Athletes

It’s estimated that 30 to 45 million youths ages 6 to 18 participate in some form of athletics — and fully half of all sports-related injuries in children and teens are from overuse. An overuse injury is damage to a tendon, ligament, bone, or muscle that’s caused by...

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Patient Testimonial: Emily Janiga

Patient Testimonial: Emily Janiga

Written by Emily Janiga "I have been playing hockey for as long as I have been able to walk, and it has become part of my identity. Writing from a standpoint of an athlete who has undergone two minor surgeries, I can honestly say that I have been fortunate enough to...

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