25 Apr 2018

“I made an appointment with Dr. Stegemann after being told by a far less experienced orthopaedic doctor that I needed surgery. That doctor told me I would not be free of pain again unless I had surgery. Upon meeting Dr. Stegemann, I knew immediately I was in good hands. He was extremely kind and explained everything to me in laymen terms, never once making me feel uncomfortable. Dr. Stegemann diagnosed me with a frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) upon examination. Although I gave him an MRI, he is so skilled, he didn’t even need it. He told me how MRIs may show tears or other issues, but many people live with these problems every day pain free. I recall back when a surgeon insisted my mastiff needed all kinds of surgery based on an x-ray. I refused the surgeries. He lived until 12 completely pain free with no drugs or operations. Anyway, Dr. Stegemann said my injury would heal on its own over time, and surgery is not necessary. If a doctor is telling you that surgery is the only option for your shoulder, run, don’t walk to Dr. Stegemann. He will be able to diagnose your issue straight away and tell you the absolute truth on the best way to treat it. If I could give Dr. Stegemann a million stars, I would. He allowed me to continue my mission and fulfill my dreams.”