17 Feb 2017

I am not one to write testimonials; however, my experience with Dr. Darling at UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine was truly amazing. My daughter was diagnosed with a concussion and out of school for over 7 weeks. We started our recovery at a different neurology center and was put on strong medicine that I feel hurt her more than helped. My gut told me I needed to find a different doctor. After some diligent research and referrals from friends, we ended up seeing Dr. Darling. His thorough knowledge immediately put us on the right path. We started reducing her medicine and letting her participate in moderate activity. At every visit, goals were set and testing was done. We were able to see and talk about her recovery together. Numerous follow up calls were made by Dr. Darling himself! I would highly recommend Dr. Darling and his staff! It has made all the difference!