10 Apr 2017

I visited UBMD Orthopaedics’ Dr. Bernas for a second opinion for a rotator cuff tear and other shoulder complications. The original orthopedist I had consulted informed me there was nothing he could do and that I would need a total reverse shoulder replacement within 5-10 years. Dr. Bernas evaluated me and said he could probably help me by repairing my injuries. Last August, I had same day laparoscopic surgery, repair of a massive rotator cuff tear, and repair and relocation of tendons with two bone anchors. I have five small scars on my shoulder that are hardly noticeable. I did not have to take any pain medication following the surgery. I feel that now six months post-op my shoulder is almost 100% “normal” as I was before my injury. I consider Dr. Bernas and his PA Matthew the absolute BEST! I am so grateful I contacted UBMD Orthopaedics.