17 Feb 2017

In 2015, I had surgery to remove bone from my right heel (Haglunds deformity). Now, nine months later I must say thank you to you, Dr. Gurske and your staff.  Since my surgery and rehab I’ve been pretty active, attending a spin class several times a week as well as other activities. In June, my wife and I participated in the Ride for Roswell, doing the 34 mile route with no issues. We just returned from a 2,000 mile road trip during which we did a LOT of hiking and climbing mountain trails and paths. I had no pain in my heel; where before my surgery I would have been in agony. Also, driving long distances used to be painful as my heel would rest on the back of my shoe and cause pain. Now, no pain. I’m thankful to have had the surgery and I thank you and your staff for the care I received both before and after my surgery. God bless you all!