25 Apr 2017

Well over 25 years ago, I was referred to Dr. James Czyrny for “lower back pain,” a generic term that in my case included lesions of an ulnar nerve, spinal stenosis of my lumbar region, degeneration of a lumbar intervertebral disc, and displacement of a cervical disc. Those symptoms should have been sufficient to have made me an orthopedic cripple. Instead, at age 93, I am fairly active, almost totally pain-free, use no medication, and still engage in singles tennis. For all this, I am indebted to the superior care given to me by Jim Czyrny. I see him for routine visits three times a year and a very occasional extra visit when my back acts up. In all these years, Jim has never once (!) in over 25 years of treatment kept me waiting or treated me as an assortment of symptoms rather than as a human being. In fact, I recall one instance when he worked me into his schedule at an early, early hour the next day after I had some kind of emergency with my back. His manifest respect for his patients should be a model for other physicians.