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After 5 right knee replacement surgeries with a different doctor, my wife lived in constant pain. When a noticeable growth appeared on the outside of her knee we were referred to Dr. Joseph Kuechle. Dr. Kuechle operated on her to remove the growth which turned out to be benign. He advised her however that an infection had reoccurred in her prosthetic knee and that she should have it replaced. He performed operation number 6 on her right knee, and amazingly the pain that my wife suffered through the past several years was drastically reduced. She was able to walk without a cane or a walker for the first time in years. Dr. Kuechle gave her a chance to enjoy our retired lives together. When it became time for me to have my left
knee replaced, I was going to no one other than Dr. Kuechle. He performed successful surgery in November 2019, and now that it has become necessary to replace my right knee, i am scheduling surgery with him in November of 2020.For what its worth, my wife and I give Dr. Kuechle our most sincere recommendation.