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I came into UBMD Orthopedics with a damaged shoulder. I injured my shoulder skiing and that same shoulder was unstable from a previous injury. I had limited range of motion and as a nurse couldn’t perform some of my duties at work. I was scared and frustrated until I met Kelly Jordan, the PA in Dr. Bisson’s office. She is intelligent and has a natural ability to make you feel comfortable while I was vulnerable from my injury. I know bedside manner from my job in the ICU at a local hospital. As a nurse I have witnessed the full spectrum of bedside manner. Kelly falls on the highest end of this spectrum as she is knowledgeable, friendly, talented, and energetic. She took all the time we needed together to go over ALL of my options. She answered all of my many, many questions. She is thoughtful and I felt as though she truly cared about my case. After all the imaging and diagnosis she was the one to perform the injection procedure I needed and she was accurate, gentle, and efficient. She really knows her stuff and it shows. I would recommend her and I have recommended her to my friends and family. It’s people like her that make the difference in healthcare and I aspire to provide to my patients the kind of care she provided me.