17 Feb 2017

Dear Dr. Geoffrey A. Bernas, MD,

I just wanted to send my thanks to UB Orthopaedics staff for arranging my surgery ASAP in order to provide me time for rehab with the goal of having a successful trip to Alaska. Most of all, I want to recognize you for providing your diagnosis, my options and your preferred recommendation. The surgery to my knee was a great success which allowed me to fill my life long dream of doing a true wilderness hunt in the mountains in Alaska.

Included are a few pictures to let you see the mountains I climbed and traversed for 8 consecutive days. My knee performed perfectly or better put, just as good as my other. I trained as hard as possible for the trip which contributed to my ability to endure the ruggedness of the mountains.

The hunt took place in the walk-in only area of the Chugach Mountains. Walk-in only means no motorized vehicles, planes, aerial support or animals can assist the hunter while hunting and is considered 100% fair chase. I was successful on the 5th day of the hunt and was approximately 25 miles into the mountains from the trail head. It was surreal, a memory I will never forget.

Thanks again!