11 Jun 2016

A great surgeon makes all the difference. Heartfelt thanks go to Dr. Mark Anders for reconstructing my acetabulum last summer after I was struck by a truck. I believe he used 10 pins/screws to get all the parts realigned. The precision with which he put me back together is remarkable. Within 2 weeks I had minimal hip pain. I was walking again without pain after 3 months. There were several other trauma injuries that had to heal or be corrected. But now 8 months after the hip repair I am running again – also without pain. While I still have to continue to rebuild my stamina and strength, my goal is to run a marathon again perhaps later this year. I know several people who have had skeletal fractures, reconstructions, and joint replacements and have had long recoveries, residual problems, and have never regained full function. Many people remark about how well I am doing and how quickly I recovered. Yes, I have worked hard but the underlying surgical fix was excellently done and that is what has made it possible for me to push myself and get back to where I was before being struck. Dr. Anders is recognized and well respected around the country. My son (an MD from CA) informed me while I was at ECMC that I was fortunate to have been in Western NY when the accident happened because the surgeon who did the work was one of the best. When I returned home to Cincinnati, the orthopedists who took over my case was impressed with the reconstruction and asked who did the work. When he learned it was Mark Anders, his comment was “Yes, looks like his work. I’ll see him in a few weeks and will tell him I have the case, now.” Thank you Dr. Anders.