23 Jan 2018

“My son fell off a skateboard without wearing a helmet in July, 2017. He was hospitalized with brain bleeds and bruising. Our pediatrician, at my son’s annual visit, recommended bring my son to the concussion center. Having never heard of them, I immediately googled the center and doctors. I was apprehensive about bringing him there, but was completely blown away and how they handled him. The initial assessment was thorough and concise. The staff at the center are great to deal with. They ask the right questions, and they LISTEN. Dr. Leddy blew my son and I away with his openness and candidness to concussions, treatment and recovery. He was thorough and professional and was incredibly knowledgeable. Dr. Baker is the hidden gem to the Center that helped my son immensely.  …was also thoughtful and thorough with his line of questioning and dissection of the recovery process of a brain injury. He helped my son and I in ways I never even thought possible. I am happy to report that my son is in senior year of high school and is looking towards his future of college and beyond. I cannot thank the Concussion Center enough for all that they did for my son. I would recommend this place to anyone with a brain injury.”