28 Sep 2017

“I [recently] had a appointment with Dr. Santilli. I had a knee replacement 9 years ago, and was visiting because my other knee is starting to limit my activity due to pain, and swelling. The wonderful lady at the front desk was very friendly and helpful, and actually remembered me. What a nice way to start a appointment. My wait was minimal. I had x-rays and was treated kindly by the young lady from Radiology. She showed me where to go down the hall, and I was met by Bob Dr. Santilli’s PA. Another familiar smiling face. It was a pleasure to see Dr. again when he entered the room. We discussed my x-rays and his recommendations for my knee. As always his quiet professionalism put me at ease. I will be visiting him again later in the fall, and expect the same wonderful care as I received Tuesday. I look forward to visiting the office again.”