Patrick Sparks, ATC

Athletic Trainer/Research Assistant

Canisius College 
BS in Athletic Training, 2018

National Athletic Trainers Association Board Certified

Member of National Athletic Trainers Association

New York State Department of Education License in Athletic Training

CPR, AED and First Aid Certified


Hamburg High School- UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

Head Athletic Trainer Hamburg High School 

Golfing, Hunting and Fishing

Growing up I always loved participating in, and being around sports.  I also enjoyed helping people.  A family friend once told me that if I liked being around sports, I should become an Athletic Trainer.  The idea stuck.  I have been able to combine my love of sports with my desire to help those who need it.

Patrick is an Athletic Trainer and is experienced in the sideline management of concussion, as well as implementing return-to-sport strategies and performing exertion testing for concussion. Patrick is also a Research Assistant at the Concussion Research Center and his research focus includes improving the implementation of sideline concussion management, structured exercise rehabilitation strategies and safe return-to-play protocols. His future goals are to be an Athletic Trainer for a D1-Collegiate or Professional sports team.