Winter Layering Tips

How to Layer when Exercising in Cold Weather

28 Dec 2020 entries, news

During the cold temperatures like we see in our frigid Western New York winters, being outside can be challenging. Keeping warm and protecting against the elements can be a balancing act. Being able to properly layer your clothing can help to prevent injuries that can be caused by the cold.

There are three essential guidelines that you should follow – the base layer, insulation later and outer layer. Although these are basic recommendations, there is flexibility for each different person.

First Layer: Base

  • Choose clothing that offers moisture wicking
  • Work to get sweat away from the body to help regulate temperature
  • Example: Dry-Fit clothing

Second Layer: Insulation

  • This clothing layer should work to keep heat in
  • Also protects against the elements and keep cold out
  • Example: Fleece/slightly thicker layer

Third Layer: Outer

  • Protection against the elements – rain, snow, wind
  • Works to keep other layers dry
  • Example: Waterproof clothing, wind breakers


  • Hats, earmuffs and headbands to protect the ears
  • Gloves
  • Double layer of socks
  • Neck gaiters

By smartly choosing what you wear, you can stay cozy and comfortable in any climate and protect your body against the harsh winter elements. Stay safe – stay warm – and always dress for the conditions.