The Concussion Management Clinic provides evaluation and treatment for individuals suffering from a recent concussion and from post-concussion syndrome. Our internationally recognized experts are the most experienced in Western New York for evaluating patients with a concussion and developing a safe return-to-activity (sport or work) program.

For those who experience prolonged symptoms after a concussion, or “post-concussion syndrome,” our scientifically validated treatment approach has been shown to be safe and effective for reducing symptoms and returning patients to their usual activities. It uses a carefully constructed exercise program tailored specifically to each patient.

We were the first concussion clinic to use this scientifically validated, exercise-based protocol to evaluate concussions and to treat post-concussion syndrome. We also have computerized cognitive testing to help decide when athletes are ready to return to play.

Concussion Management Clinic

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Concussion Clinic
UB South Campus
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Buffalo, New York 14214
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Summit Healthplex
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